Janet's FAQ's

Can I send my children to you?

No. Not unless a child requests this and is of legal age. Janet will also not provide feedback to a parent in such a case, as confidentiality is always respected.

Can I take notes or record the session?

Yes, you may… Taking notes is preferable. Recordings are only permitted if the reading is about yourself. When discussing children or relationships, recording devices are prohibited.

Can you do readings in other languages?

No. You need to be comfortable with the English language to avoid frustration and misinterpretation. While Janet is fluent in both English and Afrikaans, the readings are done in English only.

Does my numerology chart ever change?

Two changes occur annually – your personal year, every January (for all practical purposes) and your transits and essences which change on your birthday. Other changes that occur every 9 years, sometimes longer, are changes in pinnacle cycles and challenges.

How do I make a booking if I am going to have a Skype reading?

Send Janet an e-mail, and she will send you payment options and banking details. Once payment reflects in her account, she will set up a time and day and request your Skype name.

How long does a reading take?

A reading takes 90 minutes.

How many sessions can I do?

As many as you like!

Is the correct birth date important?

Yes, it is the most important aspect of your entire chart.

What about my religious background?

Numerology is a science, based on universal spiritual laws, and not on religion. If you are religious, this will be taken into consideration, and concepts such as karma and reincarnation will not be mentioned if preferred.

What do clients usually ask for in a reading?

Typically, the first session provides an overview of your “inner road map”. A second session typically goes deeper into aspects of the chart where more specific questions may take priority. The third session is often the Excursion Chart, which is a whole new chart, read in conjunction with your numerology chart, so NEVER done in a first session. This lengthy chart is set up in advance on Excel (taking half an hour, so the reading is booked for an hour, and not the usual 90 minutes). After these, clients typically come to understand more about their children, their relationships – both romantic and other, such as colleagues or family members, and changes occurring annually. Clients come for readings when changes are occurring – like new jobs, moves, or when needing to make changes for many reasons.

What happens at a reading?

At a first reading, Janet will first set up your numerology chart before she asks for any other information. You need to know your full names at birth. Previous names are very important if you were adopted or had name changes, with the correct spelling, as per your birth certificate, spelling mistakes included! This will take about 10 minutes. After this, Janet will ask a few general questions, including why you wanted to see her, and take the reading from there. If local in Cape Town, you will sit comfortably at a dining room table. If you are on Skype, you will preferably be in a space where you are private and undisturbed. The reading is usually very enjoyable, so being nervous is not necessary at all!

What if I live abroad?

This is not a problem. You will connect via Skype. Payment is made in advance via PayPal in dollars.

What is the average age and sex of your clients?

Janet reckons probably women between the ages of 28 and 55… She has recently seen clients coming in at a younger age than in the past, but also older people wanting to continue with a meaningful life. The number of male clients has also increased in recent years.

What other readings do you do?

Janet does shortlisting of applicants for HR companies, shortlists business names for new companies, advises on selecting dates for interviews, weddings, holidays, travel etc and advises school-leavers who need direction, or need to make choices between various options on the best way forward.

Why don’t you use my married surname?

Your married surname only tells Janet about the marriage – what the other person adds or takes away, how easy or difficult the marriage is likely to be, and highlights potential problem areas which are most likely to surface, which can be addressed and discussed.