About Numerology

A numerology chart is a personal, earthly contract. The date of birth is determined before incarnation/birth. All that remains to be determined is the name. This completes the vibrations that will be carried through life.

Numerology is as individual as profiling gets. Nobody has the same numerology chart as anyone else. Each person is completely unique. Even if two people are born on the same day, the numerology of each is unique. This is because of the name, giving marked differences even between identical twins. Free will and individual past life experiences further differentiate people born on the same day. So does the religion and culture a person is born into and many other factors. Choices and opportunities in life will, however, play out within the parameters of the person's numerology chart.


The birth date

This provides the reason for incarnating by showing the life path/leading pathway. This is usually something that has not been achieved before. It is the broad road on which one will travel through life.  Sometimes a life is repeated to fully learn the lesson. The day of birth provides backing talents to help achieve this life path.

The date of birth is plotted on a grid to see what strengths, weaknesses and lessons are going to play a role up to the age of 20. As a parent, this information can give vital guidelines on how to parent a child. Children cannot all grow up with the same set of rules and education. As an adult, childhood issues are always lurking and are often the root cause of how people experience and react to triggers in life. They need to be properly understood and dealt with in the “Big Picture” perspective of life.

The pinnacle cycles in life are also derived from the birth date. These determine the circumstances that will be attracted during various stages of life. They fill in the gaps of the when and the how. The challenges in life are derived from the birth date.

The personal year within the recurring 9 year cycle is derived from the date of birth. This helps one to understand the importance of timing and assist in the planning of life. As a well-known song says: “You gotta know when to hold, know when to fold, know when to walk away and know when to run.”

The Name

The rest of the chart derived from the full names, gives it colour and uniqueness.  Passions and shortcomings are unveiled. What will move you when nothing else will? This is the soul`s deepest desire, hidden from the rest of the world. How do other people see you (personality)? How do you think, act and project? Career? Health? Physical attributes? What kinds of people and environments will lead to the ultimate destiny? How a person functions on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes, is evident from the adult chart plotted from the name.

The combination of the birth date and name show the power number. This indicates where the highest power lies. In the positive form this can be very powerful.

What are the karmic lessons? Once the relevant karma is understood and brought into the conscious mind, it can no longer be ignored.

Any negative or destructive traits on any level are easily identified and help is at hand on how to mitigate these.

Numerology is the deepest form of psychological profiling known to man.


About Pythagoras

Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher who made important developments in mathematics, astronomy, and the theory of music. He is well-documented and much can be found on the internet about him. If you had maths at school, you would have learnt how to apply his theorem regarding right-angled triangles.

The esoteric meaning of numbers that he taught, though, is not something you would have touched on at school. It is an ancient science, and indeed the deepest form of psychological profiling known to man. Each number carries hidden meanings, contains many secrets of the universe and has a spiritual significance. Numbers are used in ALL religions. Each number has a positive, negative and destructive energy. Some numbers carry karmic obligations that have to be understood and overcome by embracing and harnessing the positive energy that will mitigate the destructive patterns from past lives. Every number vibrates to a colour, sound, planet, gemstone, deity...

“Know thyself!”

Life is a stage and we are all actors playing a part. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. The goal is spiritual growth. We each have a different yet unique role to play. 



Career Possibilities...

- Do you feel you want more from life?

- Have personal situations you have overcome in life been preparing you to help others?

- Are you drawn to a deeper awareness around numbers?

- Do numbers pop up wherever you go, or do you repeatedly see the same number sequences everywhere?

- Are you retired, working from home or a stay at home mom wanting a new challenge?

- Do you feel you have been called to do Light work or counselling?

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